bath ordinances

"3 tons of pleasure": up to 6 people.

3 hours/15000₽.
-spacious steam room (10 seats). Soft steam. Drowned in live fire.
-A pool font with spring water. (no chlorine!)
-Hot vat with outdoor herbal decoction
-Bath swing.
-Rest room with fireplace, accommodating up to 20 guests.
-Hello Ivan tea with honey.
-Aroma steaming on group 15-20 minutes.
-Heels, hats, towels.
-Procedures, massages and steaming from 1500r.
-Oak brooms 350r.
+ 1 Guest 2500r.
-Rent a robe 300r.
-Honey, jam, tea.
Rules for visiting the complex:
- Opening time from 10:00 to the last guest. From 23:00 there is a double tariff.
- It is forbidden to drink alcohol on the territory of the complex and smoke cigarettes or hookah in the premises.
- The sauna must be booked 10 hours in advance. The advance payment is 5000r.
-If you cancel your reservation in less than a day, the deposit will be burned in the sauna stove.
-If the guests are late, the rental time of the complex will not change.
Proprietary baths and treatments of "Maji" banya

Soft back steaming

1500₽/ 10-15 minutes
Soft steaming with moderate steam without impact technique.
Guests are placed on specially prepared shelves and gently heated by soft steam.
Steaming in one go, performed by one bath attendant.
After the steaming the guest is escorted to a cold font, followed by rest on a street swing under a warm blanket.
In conclusion, the guest is offered a specialty drink based on Ivan-Chai.

Steam Standard

3100₽/ 20-25 minutes
It was invented especially for gentle and sensual girls and women.
After gently heating up with a mild steam at low temperatures, this treatment begins with a unique ash scrub, which promotes deep cleansing of the skin and improves lymph drainage.
This is followed by a gentle, gentle steaming of oak brooms at a comfortable temperature. The emphasis during steaming is on working out tense muscles.
During the process, the steam room maintains an atmosphere of lightness and airiness.
Steaming is performed by one bath attendant.

Double standard steaming

4200₽/ 20-25 minutes
Steaming includes "Standard" steaming procedures, takes place in one go, but is performed by two bath attendants in "four hands".
Author's steaming techniques are used.

2x2 steaming

5100₽/ 30-40 minutes
Bathing for sophisticated banya lovers. Performed with oak whisks.
The procedure begins with ash and grass washing.
After thorough heating in the first round, a cold font awaits the guest.
Then follows the second entrance to the steam room, where in the process of steaming used author's percussion technique.
At the end of the steaming the guest is waited by contrast dousing, immersion in a cold font, rest on a swing with a constant branded drink "Maji".
The soar is performed by two four-handed bath attendants.

Hard steaming in 3 rounds

5900₽/ 30-40 minutes
Hard steaming for experienced banya lovers who like to burn more and longer.
Intensive heating with prevailing percussion technique after grinding with the ash and grass composition.
Between calls in the steam room there is a contrasting watering, diving into a cold font.
In the process of steaming a short break is made for drinking a branded beverage.
Steaming is performed by two bath attendants in four hands and ends with rest on a bath swing.

The "Extra" steaming.

8000₽/ 40 minutes
Steaming is based on the ancient Russian bath tradition. In ancient times people were rubbed with soot from the walls and thoroughly wiped with a birch broom.
This procedure allowed the skin to rejuvenate significantly, and all the accumulated flesh and soul "evil" was washed under the canopy and a man came out of the bathhouse like a newborn.
The procedure was performed in two stages. It begins with honey rubbing and ash scrub. This is followed by the first steaming.
During a break between calls the guest steams his legs in a special herbal decoction and he is served a special signature drink "Maji", which is prepared exclusively from local ingredients, including herbs and berries, collected in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana at an altitude of 2000 meters above and above.
The second steam is aimed at triggering regeneration and recovery processes in the body. Directly in the steam room, the bath attendant works out reflex points in the area of the spine and feet. The bath attendant mainly uses rubbing and kneading techniques with a hot birch broom.
The steaming is performed by two masters.

The Ladies' Steaming

2900₽/ 15-20 minutes
It was invented especially for gentle and sensual girls and women.
After gently heating up with a mild steam at low temperatures, this treatment begins with a unique ash scrub, which promotes deep cleansing of the skin and improves lymph drainage.
This is followed by a gentle, gentle steaming of oak brooms at a comfortable temperature. The emphasis during steaming is on working out tense muscles.
During the process, the steam room maintains an atmosphere of lightness and airiness.
Steaming is performed by one bath attendant.

Children's Steaming

1500₽/ 10 minutes
Steaming for the kids. An effective and safe way to relieve muscle fatigue and strengthen the child's immunity.

Group aromatherapy

up to 6 people: 5 000₽/ 60 minutes
More than n6 people: 8 000₽/ 60 minutes
Collective steaming with infusion of aromatic herbs and essential oils.
The fragrant steam, the rustling of oak brooms and the river murmur alternates with contrasting visions and cheerful screams.

A gentle peeling massage in the steam room

1900₽/ 20-25 minutes
- Gentle massage with honey
- Washing-pilling to choose from (ash with herbs or salt)

Maji massages

- Total relaxing massage 60 minutes / 3 300 rubles.
- Rear body surface 40 minutes/ 2 500 rubles.
- One zone 30 minutes / 2 000 rubles.
- Feet 20 minutes/ 1 500 rubles.

General rejuvenation

Indication for the procedure:
-loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin.
-dryness, tightness of the skin.
-stasis of fluid in the tissues, tendency to swelling
-localized fat deposits, cellulite
the effect of the procedure:
-skin tone improvement
-improve skin tone and texture
-silhouette modeling, cellulite correction
-fluid removal
Processed area: whole body
Duration : 60 min
Price: 3100 p

Thin waist

Indications for the procedure:
-fat deposits
-skin sagging around the waist and abdomen
-Stretch marks
The effect after the procedure:
-decreasing the waist and abdomen
-toning up
-express lift
Processed area: Waist and belly
Duration : 45 min
Cost: 1600

Express care of neck area and decollete

Indications for the procedure:
-second chin problem
-skin elasticity
-wrinkle network
The effect after the procedure:
-expressed lift
-toning up
-exfoliation of dead skin cells
-intensive nutrition and hydration
Processed area: Neck and decollate
Duration : 20 min
Price: 1600


Procedure indications:
-loss of skin elasticity and firmness
- age-related changes
-local fat deposits
-fatigue and stress
The effect after the procedure:
-silhouette modelling
-skin tightening
-enhancement of emotional background
Machined area: lower extremities, abdomen and waist.
Duration : 45-60 min
Price: 2500

Toning wrapping

Procedure indications:
- fluid stagnation in the tissues, swelling tendency
-varicose veins
-local fat deposits
-skin sagging
-skin pallor
The effect after the procedure:
-vascular strengthening, microcirculation improvement
-activation of collagen and elastin production
-silhouette modeling, cellulite correction
-skin flabbiness reduction
-improve skin tone and texture
Processed area: lower extremities
Duration : 45 min
Price: 2500

Complex program "The way to yourself"

Designed for 1 or 2 Guests
Duration of 3 hours
Price 22000₽ per Guest
It assumes an exceptional individual approach, maximum use of all material, human and emotional reserves of our complex, using only the best materials, author's techniques and recipes.
Content of the Program:
- Meeting of the Guest. Brief excursion and acquaintance with the space of our bath spa and the history of the place. Aperitif - spring water or a specialty drink that starts the process of detoxification of the body.
- Light aroma of steaming with the use of branches of the Black Sea eucalyptus, as well as herbs, collected in the vicinity of Krasnaya Polyana by the masters of our complex, prepared and steamed in a special way;
BANKU Honey and salt or honey and ash scrub. This procedure is aimed at gentle cleansing of the skin, removal of corneal particles, its rejuvenation. It is also filled with a powerful energy content, because after the procedure, all the accumulated carnal and mental "evilness" is washed under the bath canopy and comes out of the steam room.
- The main steaming in two passages and four hands. In between sessions - contrasting spring water pours, rest with feet immersion in a special herbal bath. During the second round of massage is performed with the work of the joints, through gentle osteopathic techniques;
- Rest on a special bath swing - "Flight over the Glade";
- Final warming of the guest in the bath tub on chains with the use of the branded herbal drink "Maji";
- The final stage of the program - a relaxing 40 - minute massage in a special atmosphere using natural oils;
In the course of the programme and upon completion of the programme, our signature drinks and smoothies made of fresh fruits or vegetables are offered to the Guest, at the option and choice of the Guest, including sea buckthorn tea with ginger according to the author's recipe, which kindles "inner fire" and mobilizes the immune system.
A special gift for the Guest is a set of branded Krasnopolyansk cosmetics. It is made on professional equipment in a mountain village near Krasnaya Polyana only from natural ingredients collected and processed here.
The peculiarity of the gift cosmetics line is that it has a unique composition and is produced in a limited number of herbs collected at an altitude of over 2000 m above sea level. At this altitude the herbs are filled with special healing and regenerating power. Their volume is limited.
During the procedures we use special herbal collections and bath brooms. We use herbs collected in the Western Caucasus and in ecologically clean areas of the middle strip of Russia: eucalyptus, alpine juniper, alpine blueberries, mint, wormwood, etc. We also use herbs collected at this altitude. Grasses are used for broth and steaming, they are laid on the shelves in the steam room and brewed for drinking.
Guests are provided with a bathrobe, slippers and towels.
Maximum number of guests in the complex during the program - 2.

Complex Programme "Family"

Designed for 2 adults and 4 children.
Duration of 3 hours
Costs 25000₽.
To strengthen family values, form a friendly family and a pleasant recovery we have developed a special program.
While parents enjoy all the delights of our bathing spa, we take care of your children. We also carefully acquaint children with the bathhouse and its culture. We know how to do it properly, how not to scare your child with high fever in the steam room and make your bath a real family adventure!
The program includes:
- Floating: women's for Mom, standard for Daddy and children's floating (up to 4 children's floating);
- Classic massage for Mom and Dad;
- Bath accessories for the whole family;
- Tea with honey and homemade jam;
- Bathing vat with warm broth of herbs;
- Bath Nanny and children's corner.

Complex program "Romance"

Designed for 2 guests
Duration of 3 hours
Price: 25200₽.
- Aroma steaming with a bath attendant.
- Steaming oak brooms "Standard" in 1 go.
- Back massage.
- Rest in a bath tub with broths of herbs.
- Signature "Ivan Tea"

Bath Hero complex program

Designed for 1 guest
Duration of 3 hours
Price: 20900₽
-Aroma steaming with a bath attendant.
-"Tough" steaming in three rounds.
-Recreation in a sauna vat with herbal decoctions
-Branded "Ivan Tea"

Complex program "Rejuvenation"

Designed for 1 guest
Duration of 3 hours
Costs: 21400₽
-Aroma steaming with a bath attendant.
-"Standard" steaming in one go.
-Massage restoring sore muscles and tendons (60 min).
-Branded "Ivan Tea".

Complex program "Detox"

Designed for up to 6 people
Duration of 2 hours
Price: 20000₽.
Especially recommended for guests who were actively resting the day before in the bar or at a rich table.
-Aroma steaming with a bath attendant.
-Tank with broths of herbs.
-Branded "Ivan Tea"
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